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She said: "My parents came to one of the early shows.

It should have been one of my proudest moments, instead I was filled with shame and humiliation."Because, of all the shows to choose, Brendan chose that one to congratulate his partner by kissing her on the lips."Right in front of the audience, and right in front of his future parents-in-law, he was kissing the woman I now thought of as my arch-rival for his love.

She said: "To this day I have no idea whether it was her fame and celebrity that swept him away or if he really did feel a strong connection with her."I’m guessing it was probably a bit of both.

It felt as if the fact that we’d just got engaged meant nothing to either of them."What was really hurtful was not just that Brendan appeared to have forgotten he was engaged, the entire nation seem to have forgotten he was engaged."Danish-born Camilla, who was paired with antiques expert David Dickinson in the same series, recalled how she felt uneasy about Brendan and Natasha's partnership from the off."We were introduced to our respective partners. He literally skipped through the door when he came home and that was the moment I lost Brendan," she added."We normally shared every thought, every little thing but suddenly his thoughts were elsewhere."I had this terrible foreboding something awful was about to happen."On another occasion, 40-year-old Camilla remembers the humiliation she felt when her fiancé kissed Natasha on live TV.

But when Duddy was five months pregnant with Simone's baby, she walked out on him having discovered an affair between him and fellow dancer Kristina Rihanoff.

What followed held a ghastly fascination for everyone with one single exception.

In the full glare of the public spotlight, Brendan, Camilla’s partner both on and off the dance floor for the preceding eight years, and her fiance for the previous six months, clearly became increasingly infatuated with the celebrity in his arms.‘When I was pushed against the wall, broken, with nowhere else to go, I remember thinking, “Hang on a minute, there’s something I need to learn from all this because, if I don’t, it’s going to happen again” ’ she says now.

Natasha married stockbroker Justin Bower in 2005, with whom she has two children.

Her husband, actor Kevin Sacre, best known for playing ladies’ man Jake Dean in Hollyoaks, has just landed at Heathrow from Los Angeles, where the couple have a home. ‘I haven’t seen him for seven weeks.’The fact that Kevin is in her life at all — they married in the summer of 2010 — is a direct consequence, she says, of the collapse of her relationship, both professional and personal, with Strictly dancer Brendan Cole. ‘And neither would I have established a secondary career if Brendan and I had stayed together.’It was 2004 and the first series of what was to become the small-screen phenomenon that is Strictly Come Dancing, when award-winning dance partners Camilla and Brendan were both signed up to the show, she opposite antiques expert David Dickinson, he paired off with newscaster Natasha Kaplinsky.

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