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Microsoft recently published an article indicating that they are removing support for n Text fields in the MSSQL 2016 release.

Deprecated Database Engine Features in SQL Server 2016 Does CA have a plan to address this since all of their long text fields are n Text in MSSQL?

Hi, I've been reading all sorts of info on the ntext field.

id=1 Simon Mudd is right, but there are several things that must come together to make this bad:1.

Image File Name, FROM inserted INNER JOIN tbl Images ON inserted.

Image File UPDATE tbl Images SET Image Notes=inserted. None of the examples of INSTEAD OF triggers I have seen yet use the actual inserted tables and I haven't quite understood how to use them correctly.

Updating these settings to more than 2,000 requires that you make a corresponding change to the database.

If you increase the maximum number of characters allowed for cell text, you must alter the database column size or type to support the changed size.

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