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You can bend things back in a little afterwards but it won't be perfect. Yeah, yeah, try to ground yourself first before working inside any sensitive electronics. Of course all data would be lost, but it might save drive replacement.

Be careful you don't scratch or break the LCD display and anything inside is fragile. Slide a micro flat tip screwdriver in the tiny gap between the white connector trim ring and the brown metal cover part for the connector, try not to damage the connector or housing itself. You might end up mangling the bottom shell but bend it slightly to give more room to work with bigger tools in prying up the top cover.The further you pull the top cover up, the metal side tabs dig deeper into the top cover and you cannot push the metal side tabs in to release.WARNING: Use of sharp implements can cause injury when the tool slips.Armed with a few micro flat tip screwdrivers, a big ratcheting flat tip screwdriver, a flashlight, and a few guitar picks... This instructable was not intended as an instructable at the time but plenty of other detailed guides to reference if you are iffy about the procedure. You really need to destroy the case in the process as it seems it was designed as a seal-it-once-and-never-open-it-again deal.Besides, that's why you can order replacement faceplates or clamshell backs. Using your tools, you have to go around the entire faceplate to unlock it from the bottom shell.

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