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I was creeping her Facebook profile and she was looking good, so I fired up the classic “Hey Stranger” message and she eventually agreed to grab drinks with me.Her relationship status was listed as “single” so I figured I’d be in for a fun night.Before Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, there was “real life.” In that treacherous world, swiping right meant introducing yourself to a stranger with the hope of striking up a conversation.

The act of mass texting a generic message to members of the opposite sex in hopes that a guaranteed hookup for the night will be established.Have major advances in mobile technology and increased access to smart phones left you wondering if your SMS-based program is worth the trouble?We had the same question about Hookup – California Family Health Council's program that uses SMS technology to deliver weekly youth-developed sexual and reproductive health tips to youth subscribers and connect them to local clinics.It often involves a very nonspecific message such as "What are you up to tonight? " The key feature is the lack of personalization so that the same message can be sent to as many people as possible.This can also be applied to other contact means such as myspace, facebook or email.

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