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The turning point for me was to learn that the all that was written about Jesus was done no less than 75 to 755 years after He died.That made me question the accuracy of what was written about Jesus.How could the quotes attributed to Jesus be accurate if the authors of His words were not present when he spoke?! Realizing that we, as Christians, are taking one person's word (Jesus') on what revelations were said to Him shatters the foundation of the Christian faith. Bottom line: I'll take a National revelation (Judaism) over one person's revelation for the truth!This argument has lost more creditability in recent years because most observers now believe the communists, while still alive, are broke and on the receiving end of welfare, so logic does not support the idea that they control anything as important and as competitive as the United Nations.So I don't predict too much opposition but at least if someone actually believes in Jesus as the Messiah, I will know how to respond! As a Jew who is surrounded by Christians, I truly appreciate this article which explains why Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah.I much prefer this scholarly and thoughtful explanation to the knee jerk type of response which betrays understandable hatred for a figure upon which so much Jewish suffering and death have taken place.I accepted Jesus as messiah many years ago but love the Jewish people according to what I have read in both testaments of the bible.All gospel believers read about the first Jews that started the early Church in the book of Acts.

I read your article but really need to look more into it.Christian morality as put forth in the NT negates people living in a normally functioning community.I am definitely not an expert on any of this, but I do have the feeling that the majority of the Jewish people (all through history) just were not willing to accept the precepts of Christianity.In a word, to most people, nothing significant adds up for either side of the UN controversy.They have heard the proclamation of the blind men feeling the elephant, and they doubt what all say.

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