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But it’s a start, and a big step in the right direction.And as we move from Jelly Bean into the Kit Kat era, it’s enough to give us some hope for the future of Android updates. Conventional wisdom states that if you want to get new APIs (application programming interfaces), features and security improvements pushed out onto a mobile device you need to prepare an OS update, with all the waiting and hoop-jumping associated with that.If you take one thing away from all this, knowing that Google decides what the service APIs are, who gets them, and when is the important part.Google Play Services APIs underpin Google Play Game Services, which was launched at I/O 2013 and enables cloud save, achievements and leaderboards in games.But not too long ago a new version of Gmail, for instance, would require Google to send out an updated Google Mobile Services package to manufacturers and wait for them to push it out as part of an OS update.

Whereas Apple rolls out i OS updates instantaneously across much of its product line — the platform absolutely was designed with that in mind — Google’s lack of direct control over the firmware running on most of the world's billion or so Android devices means it’s impossible for it to do the same.The genius of this is that Google can update Play Services in the background, without a firmware update, and in most cases without users even knowing it.(Similar to the way updating the Chrome browser works on a Windows or Mac computer, for instance.) Our own Jerry Hildenbrand breaks things down in his write-up on Play Services following last year’s Google I/O conference: Being under complete and total control from Google means that the folks who built your phone, as well as the carrier you may have bought it from, are completely out of the picture.Just as new features and APIs can now be pushed out through Google Play Services, many of Google’s core Android apps are now updated through the Google Play Store.That’s been the case for a while, and it’s a process most Android owners are very familiar with.

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