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As a result of the widespread loss of men during the war, "Female Headed Households" have been recognised as a demographic by the Sri Lankan Government, and there are now more than 1 million of them in the country.

The lack of men in these villages after the war has left young women like Saroja filling the gap, getting an education which was formerly only available to boys.

Former cricket star Ian Botham first visited Sri Lanka while playing for England - and has returned several times since.

This attack was not unusual during the war and all ethnic groups suffered as a result.

Just months after the bombing in Saroja's village, the Tamil Tigers said the Sri Lankan army killed at least 45 civilians in another border village, Vakarai, in the country's east.

Women and girls whose male relatives were killed in Sri Lanka's brutal civil war are now helping the country recover, taking on roles formerly reserved for men and heading to schools and universities to complete their education.

The so-called "Border Girls" mostly come from towns and villages which formed a human buffer zone between the opposing sides during the 27-year conflict, which ended in 2009 and left tens of thousands of civilians dead, many of them killed in the war's bloody final phase.

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