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If you want the best possible scan with dust and scratch removal, you need to try it both ways for any given original, and then compare the results.Scan Speed, Quality, and Other Issues The V600 is firmly in the top tier for scan quality for flatbed scanners that cost less than 0.From Fully Automatic to Full Manual Control Epson has also carried forward its full range of choices for scanning modes, ranging from fully automatic to fully manual.The Full Auto Mode lets you simply hit a scan button.

In my tests, Digital ICE did the better job (as expected, because the multiple scans give it more information to work with), but it also added artifacts in some cases.

In particular, it includes Digital ICE—the hardware-based approach for digitally removing dust and scratches—for both prints and film. Setup and Basic Scanning Setup is typical for a flatbed scanner.

Simply install the software, plug in the power cord and supplied USB cable, and turn the scanner on.

You'd expect a photo scanner at this price to scan up to four 35mm slides or two strips of 35mm film at a time, as the V600 does.

You probably wouldn't expect it to also offer a 6,400 pixel-per-inch (ppi) optical resolution as well as scan medium-format film, including 120/220 and the entire range of panoramic formats up to 6 by 22 centimeters. The unexpected extras help make it a great choice if you have medium-format film to scan and are on a tight budget.

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After scanning each page, you can add another page by pressing a button on the screen or the scanner, or end the scan by pressing a different button.

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