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Even as a student, one knew that provided you had a problem of sufficient intellectual interest you could go to discuss it with "Jonck" and he would devote hours of his time, unless the pressure of the queue of other people wanting to consult him, who could even include someone like Giacometti, got too great.

If you were sensible you limited the issue discussed; otherwise all parts of your grand conception might start to be unravelled.

The modern British university is a production line for advanced training and the creation of new technical knowledge. Fifty years ago in its better forms it could still be a community of scholars. Aimable Robert Jonckheere was born in 1920 near Lille in the north of France to a French father of Belgian origin, a businessman turned astronomer, and an English mother.

Jonckheere was a splendid representative of this type of university.

On leaving Edmonton County School he became apprenticed to a firm of actuaries. So, on the outbreak of the Second World War, he had to leave his actuary position and became a farmworker in Jersey.

He was forced to stay there during the war in near-famine conditions, discussing German literature with officers in the German occupation force while at the same time helping to protect an escaped Russian prisoner of war who had swum from Guernsey where occupation was harsher. Haldane, he built on his actuarial training to obtain a deep understanding of statistics. He absorbed Ayer's critical style perhaps too thoroughly and applied it in all domains of knowledge that he encountered.

Piaget was so taken by Jonckheere that he refused to allow him to leave until he could find someone equally clever.

His lectures were much appreciated, but these days would be considered dubious in approach.

Outside statistics, he often lectured without notes and indeed without much direct preparation.

When he was seven his parents split up and then divorced.

His mother returned to England with his two older sisters, but a year or two later returned and brought him over too, to live in Enfield.

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He had been made a lecturer in 1951 with special responsibility for lecturing on statistics and animal psychology.

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