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"People come to us because they want the website to work, and we want the website to work." The revelation about OKCupid's testing came after Facebook users learned about similar experiments conducted on them.

In June, a study was published revealing that Facebook had altered the items that appeared on nearly 700,000 users' News Feeds to observe how users would react.

After the test ended, the site sent emails explaining the compatibility scores test to anyone who had been shown altered scores.

"I understand that that experimentation is part of the process," Zaz Harris, a 37-year-old OKCupid user told the Times.

If you want to assert your gender politics and not come across as a Neanderthal, your opportunities to do so, within the questions, are thin.

I completed a profile set-up a few times to get a handle on Ok Cupid’s questions.

” was the single best predictor of the same person’s answer to the question “would you have sex on the first date?

”Most questions are straightforward, but a few are very subtly worded, as personality-test-type questions often are.

”The tendency is to surface-level read this question as, “do you prefer that women shave their legs? But the word doing all the actual work in that question is “obligation.” If you believe that women are obligated to do anything due to their gender, whether that thing is make you a sandwich or personally change the oil in your car, congratulations: you are a (possibly unwitting) misogynist.The study found that users who saw more positive content would post more positive updates, and users who saw more negative content would end up posting more negative updates.The study was attempting to determine whether or not emotional states could be transmitted without face-to face interaction."If you use the Internet, you're the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site," Christian Rudder, president of OKCupid, wrote on the blog."That's how websites work." The first test in January 2013 was masked as a "Love is Blind" day. They found that site traffic dropped dramatically, but users who did contact potential matches on that day had more meaningful conversations.

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Unfortunately, when photos were restored, many of the conversations that began on "Love is Blind" day stopped cold.

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