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A member of the Jacksonian-nationalist wing of the Democratic Party, Polk’s intentions were clear from the start—his famous campaign slogan, “54-40 or Fight!

” indicated his intention to settle the status of the Oregon Territory with Great Britain on American terms.

That limitation had not stopped dozens of other Civil War veterans from rushing to publish their views, most of which often offered little more than an elaborate score-settling with their critics and other veterans. In March 1889, a hurricane destroyed or disabled three American warships in the Samoan harbor of Apia, where they had been deployed to support the United States in a political dispute with Britain and Germany over the status of the islands.

The accident left the United States without any effective naval force in the Pacific and revealed the weaknesses of the existing fleet, as the old warships had been unable to get to sea and ride out the storm.

The address of support that the workingmen offered to Lincoln, and his response, perfectly encapsulate the attempt of the government in Washington to win not only the hearts and minds of its own citizens, but the citizens of another nation—and, moreover, the most vulnerable citizens of another nation. Since leaving the White House in 1877, Grant had declined offers to write about his wartime experiences.

He protested that he had little to say and little ability to say it.

No author was listed but it soon became known that the Secretary of State, James Madison, was the responsible party. But in his early public career, Calhoun was a staunch nationalist, a supporter of the War of 1812, and one of the Republic’s most distinguished Secretaries of War.Stiles, an attorney from Savannah, Georgia, had been a one-term Democratic Congressman before being appointed to his diplomatic position in April 1845 by newly-elected President James K. Stiles held the post until October 1849, when he returned to the United States and resumed his law practice and activities in the Democratic Party. Army officer, Western explorer, Mexican War veteran, friend of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Hart Benton, land speculator, and governor of the Colorado Territory (1861-1862), is sometimes accorded the title of America’s first geopolitician.He would later serve as a colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. In a series of articles and speeches, which were summarized in his best known publication, (1860), Gilpin argued that the development of the interior of the continent, made possible in large part by a properly-sited transcontinental railroad, would create a new and dominant commercial line of communication between Europe and Asia. Any understanding of the Civil War is incomplete without an awareness of the foreign policy dimension that the war possessed.And that promise became one of territorial expansion the moment Americans began to head west past the bounds of the Mississippi.“From sea to shining sea,” the famous line from the song “America, the Beautiful,” quickly became one of the guiding ideals of American life; that is, ordinary, every-day Americans would not, and could not, rest until the United States stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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And although he was not the first to put his eyes on the territory west of the Louisiana Purchase, it was the presidency of James K.

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