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My vet told me that holding urine too long can cause a UTI.She was holding it for about 8-10 hours and I had several dogs in the past who could easily go much longer. I have a daily dog walker now to take this dog out while I am at work so she doesn't have to go more than 5-6 hours without a break.

I offer an anecdote to it: I had a young dog (1 year old) who developed several urinary tract infections.

“We’re not disclosing it [right now] because we want to make sure it works before we get too intimate with that. They’re not trying to screw me over.'” “If, for whatever reason, someone could only buy the base game – maybe they didn’t have a lot of money – why should I punish them? We won’t have premium game modes or all this other crap.” It is, then, a fine line to walk – especially where multiplayer games like War of the Roses are concerned.

Or maybe they want to buy another game and have a different experience. After all, conventional wisdom says that players won’t stick around unless the carrot you dangle in front of their noses is absolutely essential.

It’s coming from people who are completely disconnected.

So hopefully gamers understand that the core devs aren’t the ones who want to push stuff like that.” Really, though, why should it matter to those business types?

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  1. But, it's obvious I'm not alone…there are many of you who are missing human contact even more than myself. Irresistible Reblog Number 159: Another magnificent photo from the Kinkylube team.