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An island-city sitting in the freezing Atlantic breeze. Working as a scullery maid for her stepmother, the Queen, she never expected her life to change. In a castle in one the cliffs of Shireland there lives a little princess. Until one Christmas Eve, when Ralph, the lovable carpenter, brings her the gift of a nutcracker, shaped as a young man in armour.

With her friends kidnapped, and a supervillain on the loose, Van will have to turn to a team of superheroes for help, and it turns out she knows one of them already.jumpdates is a 100% free online dating service, jumpdates has evolved from basic online dating site to dating site that has the features that is needed in social networking era.New and improved instant messaging section with social networking connectivity from Facebook and presence of Twitter.Unlike some of its other competitors such as Plentyof Fish and Ok Cupid, the site does not operate a freemium model, relying totally on advertising as the only source of revenue.Jumpdates primary user base is from the United States.

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