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On one hand, sexting too soon, or sexting the wrong way (more on this in a bit) can scare off the new girl you're seeing in a matter of seconds (and get you in a lot of trouble yourself), and on the other, sexting can seriously amplify the sexual satisfaction in your relationship—at least that’s what research from the American Psychological Association implies.

Read more about that—and find out why you might want to consider sexting more—here.

A missplaced move or kiss can send your budding romance into shambles.

But nothing is more time sensitive than sending a sext.

Doing it too soon can send the wrong message to your partner (unless, of course, you just want sex; in which case this will make that very clear). Once you've been intimate, "see how your partner responds to something more benign like, 'I've been thinking of that kiss all day,'" de Ayala says. Too much, too soon may cause her to shut down, especially if it’s still early on in the relationship.

Wait until you've at least shared a kiss before you even think about becoming sexual over the phone. This can clue you in on whether or not she's open to hearing more. Use your head For women especially, foreplay starts well before she ever reaches the bedroom.

Don't be crude; tell her you want her to feel comfortable, and not pressured to send something overtly sexual, or include her face."Why do you think romance novels (as opposed to porn) have become so popular for women? (Hello, Throw in some emojis "Using emoji's in a sexual context can be a fun way to test the waters with a new partner, or when initiating a sext for the first time with a long term partner," de Ayala says.See how she responds to some of the more flirtacious emojis (the winky face is a solid go-to; stay away from fruits, vegetables, rockets, and the like...)."If she responds curtly or awkwardly, it may be best to back off; if she replies in a way that suggests she felt excited by the text, take that as the yellow light to proceed," she adds. And the way to her heart (then into bed) is through her brain."Sexting can be a great way to stimulate your partner’s brain, which will help her body respond more strongly when you get to the bedroom," says. You're more likely to get all jazzed up from a picture, whereas she's more likely to have a sexual response to the things you say.

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Or, vow to delete the photos once she sends them (and have her do the same), so there's no risk of someone accidentally stumbling across them.

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