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Few examples 1: First person shooters These games are more game-like and often lack plotlines completely, they are usually more alike shotgun-ranges in RL.a Zombie-hunt for example 2: Wargames These are also games, usually two groups battle together. Although there is a rumor games with strategy do exist. 5: Fantasy Theme Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, My Little Ponies, Pirates, Medieval, Fairytale, Gor .... Many different types exist, usually Non-Literate or Literate. There are lot´s of medievalish fantasy settings in SL!There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.

Information about the realm (or the world) usually contains info whether magic exists, what kind of dangers there are and such details to help immersion.People gather together to live out the era once was in the real world. A Gamist game aims to win the game, aka it has a goal, a purpose the character has to achieve.Immersion 'games' have no set goal, and there is no way to 'win the game', the point is to live out as the character and experience things and make connections.Alt Alternate avatar, alternate character Combat Meter/Meter An object device you need to wear, it counts your HP Character A tailored avatar for the part, like a movie actor one should pre-meditate the outlook & characteristics of a character.In most of the 'games' any personality-traits are not needed, as one acts the same as oneself would. It contains other things than just the visual surroundings, it includes some story elements and background data of the world the game is placed in.

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