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Communication – It is important to communicate well about friendships with the opposite sex. Think about your various friendships, and discuss together what roles you want them to continue to play in your lives. Keep in mind that some people may be jealous and are uncomfortable with their partner spending time with the opposite sex friends, but others won’t have an issue as there is a strong trust between you.

Be Protective – Yes, you can spend time with friends but, if there is anything that threatens your relationship then, you may need to change something with your friendship.

The problem is that you’re really not “allowed” to make new opposite-sex friends when you’re married – largely because of the perceived risk involved. One who can say, “I’ve been down this road before, and it does not end well.” This is how I can be very attracted to someone, but not act on it. The guy from work may have a big crush on you but can’t act on it. If the guy doesn’t fall under one of those categories, he probably secretly wants to sleep with you. Men who wear pink are statistically more successful in relationships and careers.Here are the ways in which I’ve made women friends: 1) . It’s easy to be friends with someone you’d never sleep with. While attraction itself is not a choice, acting on that attraction is.Just keep in mind that men will sleep with women they’re barely even attracted to – especially when drunk, lonely, and horny. If you have maturity and self-control, you don’t act on your attractions and you can maintain platonic friendships. He may be holding a torch for you for all these years.They expect more emotional rewards from friendship than men do, explained Sapadin, so they’re easily disappointed when they don’t receive them. “Men confide in women.” This all reinforces a principle extolled in my book, “Why He Disappeared”.Men don’t choose women because you’re taller, smarter, richer, funnier or more sophisticated.

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