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Honestly, if he hadn’t stopped to plead for my forgiveness, the phrase would have completely gone over my head, but with the spotlight on his interesting choice of words, I was more intrigued than insulted.From a sociolinguistic standpoint, that the saying even exists in the 21st century and is still used, although rarely, speaks volumes about how Spaniards view and deal with racial differences.Mary, however, had a different concern on her mind that day.With my hair still in her hands, she looked up at me with a slightly serious face and asked, “Why are you black? With all of the fabulous attitude I have come to expect from Mary, she answered my question with her hands on her hips and even a little neck rolling. ” she said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

I assured him I wasn’t offended and that I knew he didn’t have any bad intentions.When the situation was finally diffused to the relief of everyone there, we got into a candid conversation about race and diversity in Spain.“Trabajo de negros” was the phrase that sparked the fire of this talk.That’s when the profuse apologies and explanations begin.Change the country and change the language of conversation, but the format of these uncomfortable situations stays the same.

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In some cases it can be negative like when I am walking down the street and people shamelessly stare at me as if I am a member of a newly discovered species. Usually, I love to relish in my differences and enjoy the attention or teachable moments it brings.

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