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Developers can search the literature for information on what problems are known in the area of interest and what is effective in improving the situation.

Once a problem analysis has been conducted, developers state program goals and create an intervention programme. [] shows that there is limited information in the scientific literature about what methods are effective for teaching sex education to people with intellectual disabilities.

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Existing sex education programmes have failed in involving people with intellectual disabilities in the development of these programmes.

With regard to what needs to be taught, current literature shows that in the area of sexual health, people with intellectual disabilities experience a number of problems.

The problems are not necessarily different from people without disabilities, but the percentage of people experiencing these problems is higher.

These perspectives were determined by semi-structured interviews with people with intellectual disabilities themselves.

Semi-structured interviews were held with 20 people with intellectual disabilities covering topics such as: sex education, relationships, sex, social media, parenthood and support.

The reported frequency of sex education the participants receive is low.

One of the main problems that has been investigated it sexual abuse.

People with intellectual disabilities report experiences of sexual abuse [].

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The goal was to do a needs assessment by identifying problems in the area of sexuality and compare them to the literature.

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